Premium Hoodia Gordonii Products

Hoodoba® - The Original Hoodia Brand: The choice premium quality brand used by gyms, clinics, health spas, doctor's offices and result-oriented consumers around the world.


Hoodoba® succeeds where other hoodia products fail. Now you can improve your body's health and appearance without sacrificing well-being and daily quality of life.




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Hoodoba® PURE hoodia diet pills and liquids provide fast, safe, guaranteed weight loss. Hoodoba® PURE is made without useless additives and fillers such as silica, microcrystaline cellulose and magnesium stereate. And, without dangerous diet aids and stimulants such as caffeine, ephedra and yohimbe. Plus, Hoodoba® hoodia diet pills and liquids squelch your hunger and suppresses your appetite like no other hoodia product on the marketówithout causing feelings of jitteriness. And, without risk of heart arrhythmia, heart attacks or strokes. All Hoodoba® hoodia products are made from the heart of the natural South African hoodia cactus, minus roots, shoots, flowers and needles and other useless parts.